Greenhouse Gas

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Any gas linked to increasing atmospheric temperature
Major greenhouse gases Water vapour, CO2, CH4, NO2, O3, CFCs, SO4, and others
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We simply inject a blend of CO2 gases into the mound, thereby asphyxiating the queen and her entire brood," Jones says.
Designed to release CO2 gases generated in the coffee roasting process, the patented Friis Freshness Valve[TM] properly vents away the flavor-degrading culprit.
Available for less than $25, the Friis Coffee Savor[TM] is the only coffee canister in the world to eliminate the four main causes of flavor loss in whole bean and ground coffee--trapped CO2 gases, moisture, light and air.
First-of-Its-Kind Canister Releases Trapped CO2 Gases & Blocks Out Moisture, Light, Air That Destroy Flavor of Whole Bean & Ground Coffee