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A morphologic descriptor for a multilobed pattern that appears to emanate in a 2-D plane from a single point, likened to the low leguminous herb of the genus, Trifolium
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For those seeking out the extra power the Cloverleaf delivers, then you'll have to add around PS500 to PS800 to the above prices for the privilege.
The Cloverleaf was launched on Alfa Romeo's road-going vehicles in the 1960s and is still a feature to date on the 'Quadrifoglio Verde' versions of the MiTo and Giulietta.
The model bearing the cloverleaf forms part of a significantly revised MiTo range which is designed to make owning an Alfa more attractive by combining lower entry prices with higher standard of specifications and a sub 100g/km low CO2 version for the economy minded.
The Chillicothe facility, which Cloverleaf purchased in 2002, now has convertible temperature storage for 36,000 pallets capable of holding up to 65 million pounds of product.
8 seconds and hit a top speed of 150mph - numbers which put the Cloverleaf firmly in the performance bracket.
In fact the responses are sharpened quite dramatically in the Cloverleaf, a passionate car to drive when you feed in the revs.
Cloverleaf - founded in 2004 by former Whitbread executives Gary Douglas and John Winder - operates across the north and midlands.
Cloverleaf, founded in 2004 by former Whitbread executives Gary Douglas and John Winder, operates across the North and Midlands.
A fiver short of 24 grand might seem pricey for what is a small car but the Italians are generous with the toys and the Cloverleaf is heaving with equipment.
Elizabeth Cottrill represented the landlord on the Cloverleaf Digital and Strength in Numbers Digital transactions and the tenants were represented by Chris Havens with Creative Real Estate Group LLC and Tungsten Property, respectively.
WHILE some makers struggle, Fiat's luck is holding - which may explain the rebirth of its Alfa Romeo Cloverleaf sporting model in the new MiTo.