clock system

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clock system,

n 1. system in which the dental instrument and the sharpening tool are held in such a way that the optimum angle required for sharpening is achieved.
2. the seating position for a clinician (and/or assistant) to facilitate instrumentation.
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The findings suggest that instead of a group of master pacemaker neurons, the clock network consists of many independent clocks, each of which drives rhythms in activity.
In some I/O applications, it might be useful, for example, if the clock network delay is a lot longer than the data path delay.
The UK Body Clock Network are offering all women over 30 a Body Clock Test at centres across Britain to check their future fertility.
The Cyclos inductors and clock control circuits "recycle" clock power instead of dissipating it on every clock cycle like in a conventional clock network implementation, which results in a reduction in total IC power consumption.
While clock gating is an established technique to minimize clock network power, meeting clock gate timing requirements can be a challenge.
The key defining characteristic of clock concurrent optimization is that the timing picture being considered by all its underlying algorithms is a true "propagated clocks" view of timing based on real propagation of clock signals through the clock network.
As consumer electronics push the boundaries of computation complexity, a distributed clock network of flux linked CMOS LC tank circuits can be used to solve many of the fundamental power dissipation problems associated with clocking strategies.
For designs at advanced process nodes, Clock Mesh generates a clock network that offers superior tolerance to variation due to the high redundancy stemming from its mesh architecture.
Pin Planner Enhancements--A new Clock Network View now available within the pin planner allows designers to better manage clock resources, improving productivity and maximizing performance.
With this partner program Tellme is making available all of the capabilities built into the Tellme Platform, including a highly reliable nationwide network infrastructure, finely tuned speech recognition engines that process billions of utterances annually, extensive libraries of spoken grammars, millions of professionally-produced audio prompts, and around-the- clock network and application monitoring services.