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The clivia is a handsome houseplant whose leaves are evergreen and straplike.
There, in full bloom, were some 400 mature specimens of clivia.
Many are yellow-flowered (this is the brass ring of clivia breeding), and even the orange ones looked special grading toward red and with striking throat coloration in light yellows.
but it is here that he manages a clivia research program that dates to 1976.
Petravich said you can probably buy a flowering-size basic clivia today for about $50).
Clivias are named after Lady Clive, Duchess of Northumberland from 1817-66, granddaughter of Clive of India and the first person to bring the species into flower in cultivation.
Clivia miniata is not the easiest plant to have around.
Forms of Clivia miniata have redder flowers than the type while a variety named `Aurea' has yellow flowers.
Other species include Clivia caulescens, with huge 1.