hospital information system

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hospital information system

Informatics The computer hardware and software that processes a hospital's data, including financial, Pt-related, and 'strategic' management data, Pt accounts, Pt tracking, payroll, reimbursements, taxes, statistics

hos·pi·tal in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

(HIS) (hos'pi-tăl in'fōr-mā'shŭn sis'tĕm)
Integrated computer system to store, manipulate, and retrieve clinical, nonclinical, and administrative information in health care organization.

hospital information system



A large computerized database management system that processes patient data in order to support patient care. The system is used by health care clinicians to access patient data and to plan, implement, and evaluate care.
Synonym: clinical information system; patient information system
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Systems (HIS) by Segment - Clinical Information Systems
Yet by and large, physicians as a group have not yet embraced clinical information systems.
clinical information systems which integrate internally generated patient care information, such as the patient record, with access to library and information services.
Market Trends II-4 Spending on Healthcare IT Increase II-4 Clinical Information Systems Leads the HIS Market II-4 Administrative Modules Form the Foundation of Hospital Information Systems II-4 Bright Prospects Await PACS II-5
Approximately 75 percent of the value derived from a clinical information system occurs not when IT is purported to be the entire solution, but when it enables and sustains transformational changes in core business and clinical processes.
In the ACI clinical workstation (ACI CWS) subproject, the familiar desktop metaphor is expanded to make a clinically intuitive information environment allowing easy navigation to all of our existing clinical information system elements, as well as reliable and consistent information presentation integrated by the specialized task at hand.
We believe we can offer efficient, cost-effective, quality healthcare using Cerner's clinical information systems, which will enable us to automate and audit our process of care delivery.
The agreement packages industry-leading products from both companies--Misys CPR(TM), a leading clinical information system with CPOE and clinical decision support, and Keane's EZ-Access Patcom revenue cycle management (RCM) solution--to offer healthcare organizations a robust solution that meets their needs from bedside to executive office.
and acting chief of surgical services at EMMC, added, "The physician community of Eastern Maine Medical Center invested significant time and effort in evaluating clinical information system requirements.
On New Year's Day 1993, we converted our first ProNet Order Management System at Children's Medical Center of Dallas as part of the first installation of Cerner's enterprise-wide clinical information system.
GCQ's Integrated Clinical Information System (ICIS) delivers remarkably powerful and flexible tools directly into the hands of healthcare providers to help them make faster, more informed patient care decisions.

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