clinical chemistry

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clin·i·cal chem·is·try

1. the chemistry of human health and disease;
2. chemistry in connection with the management of patients, as in a hospital laboratory.

clin·i·cal chem·is·try

(klini-kăl kemis-trē)
1. The chemistry of human health and disease.
2. Chemistry in connection with the management of patients, as in a hospital laboratory.
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This report, 2016 Global Clinical Chemistry and Immunodiagnostic Markets: Country Forecasts, Emerging Tests, Innovative Technologies, Instrumentation Review, and Strategic Profiles of Leading Suppliers, provides readers with an unrivalled understanding of the global clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostic markets.
Part 1Rental contract clinical chemistry machines framework contract hire and sale of reagents and other materials required for the acquisition of ISE tests.
New report "Competing in the US Clinical Chemistry and Immunodiagnostic Markets" elaborated by Venture Planning Group (VPG) offers a comprehensive guide to the US clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostic laboratory practice during the next five years.
Select answers will be posted on the Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council website and published in Clinical Chemistry.
This new report contains 543 pages, 63 tables, and presents a comprehensive analysis of the US hospital clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostics market, including:
This new 373-page report contains 61 tables, and provides a comprehensive analysis of thePOC clinical chemistry market, including trends, dynamics, size, growth, regulatory requirements, technological trends, competitive landscape, and emerging opportunities for instrument and consumable suppliers.
To write this review we have delved into the archives of clinical chemistry to provide a guide to reference materials, with a focus on North America, to help those interested in the history of clinical chemistry.
Market size data for Clinical Chemistry market categories - Clinical Chemistry Rapid Tests & POC, Urine Analysis, Clinical Chemisty Analyzers, Metabolite Chemistry Reagents, Enzyme Chemistry Reagents and Electrolyte Chemistry Reagents
2015-2019 Global Clinical Chemistry and Immunodiagnostics Market is a new seven-countrystrategic analysis of major business opportunities emerging in the clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostic markets during the next five years.
In the past 3 years, considerable efforts have been exerted by the editors of Clinical Chemistry to build a solid educational program; the publication of Reviews, MiniReviews, Perspectives, Clinical Case Studies, Q&A articles, and the Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing are examples of this commitment.
French Anderson, MD -- The AACC Lectureship Award, which recognizes an individual whose efforts have had a profound effect on the field of clinical chemistry, was given to W.
But by 2015 China is expected to nearly double its market revenue from 2011; thus reducing the market share of Europe in worldwide Clinical Chemistry market by 2015.

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