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McKinley said the climbers were not out in dangerous conditions at that time.
Another climber was evacuated from the same mountain two days later, but Hyvert was never found.
au, a team of government officials would also be posted at the base camp located at 17,380 feet throughout the spring climbing season to monitor climbers and coordinate with expedition leaders.
Two of the earliest recognised climbers, George and Ashley Abraham, took heavy camera equipment with them so they could document their adventures.
The ministry earlier this year extended a period banning private cars in roads leading to the entry points of three of the four trails, resulting in drops in climbers through these routes.
A member of Lela Peak Expedition, the company running the trip told that one of the climbers managed to reach the base camp while other three climbers were still missing.
Hundreds of climbers were stuck in the deadly tailback near the top of the world's highest mountain, losing body heat and using up precious oxygen supplies.
AN ICE climber fell 100ft down a frozen cliff - but miraculously only suffered a twisted ankle.
Only eight climbers have reached the top of Malika Parbat (North) Peak until now.
Two German and two British climbers were still missing and nine other people were injured.
The two climbers from Springfield have not been publicly identified.