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Etymology: Gk, klima, inclination
1 a composite of the prevailing weather conditions that characterize any particular geographic region, including air pressure, temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and humidity. Because these factors affect health, they must be considered in the diagnosis and treatment of certain illnesses, especially those affecting respiration.
2 the general condition surrounding something, as in a climate of goodwill. climatic, adj.


the general meteorological conditions prevailing in a given area.


the total environmental effect of ambient temperature, barometric pressure, radiation, oxygen concentration, water precipitation, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and sunlight hours or cloud cover. Called also weather.

climate classes
includes tropical, semitropical, desert, arid, semiarid, temperate, subarctic, arctic, polar.
climate envelope
the range of climatic variation in which a species can persist in the face of competitors, predators and disease.
climate impact
includes overall statements of total effect of climate such as wind-chill index, temperature-humidity index, effective temperature.

Patient discussion about climate

Q. If you are an asthmatic, is it better to live in a cold climate or hot climate?

A. Well, I'm not a doctor and I guess you should consult one cause each patient can get allergic asthma from different things but as an asthmatic I can tell you it's not necessarily has to do with cold/warm tough humidity and haziness are definitely important factors for some of us. I tend to get more attacks in places with these factors and in my country, the city which is considered with the "best air" for asthmatics has a dry and cold weather...

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Similar perceptions of the climate system across individuals in different formal units might arise from frequent interactions and communications, similar jobs (Joyce & Slocum, 1984), similar personalities or interests (Payne, 1990).
Bureaucracies and technology are complicated; the climate system is authentically complex.
Atmospheric scientists use the same computer models, together with other assessment tools, to project how climate may evolve over the next century or so in response to continued human interference with the climate system.
The workshop focused on uncertainties in representing climate system physics in current models.
This work is really exciting because it gives us a real insight into the climate system.
The Earth's climate system is a complex interaction between the atmosphere, the oceans and ice sheets (the cryosphere), living things (the biosphere), and soils, sediments and rocks.
These talks could be our last chance to secure a global agreement to reduce emissions and build a zerocarbon economy before our planet's climate system destabilises irreversibly.
Using 40 years of data from the Atlantic Ocean, combined with Met Office climate models, scientists at the Met Office Hadley Centre and the University of Reading's Walker Institute for Climate System Research observed a significant increase in salinity in recent decades in the subtropical latitudes.
Francisco Arcaute, a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency, noted that the presence of methane, a greenhouse gas, affects the earth's temperature and climate system and is the second most important greenhouse gas next to carbon dioxide.
Formed over successive winters, this water mass constitutes a long-term memory of the climate system.
Stopping the threat to food security depends on restoring four key agricultural resources: cropland, water, rangeland, and the Earth's climate system.
Robert Bailing at Arizona State University, have "conceded that the planetary temperature and resulting climate system will never feel any detectable effect of Kyoto.

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