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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Alternative—fringe medicine An exercise in polarity therapy intended to loosen the chest and shoulders, expand the lungs, stretch the vertebral column, and release pelvic tension
Vox populi A moment of extreme—Hollywood-esque—tension
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According to the spoilers, along with the resolve of the cliffhanger ending, some interesting medical cases are going to be a part of Grey Sloan Hospital.
Beckett (Jesse Birdsall) and Ros (Jaye Griffiths) foiled the plot but Ros was shot during the cliffhanger ending as she absailed down one of the many deserted buildings.
In a cliffhanger ending to the seventh series, the family's tenement flat is left in flames, Rab's whereabouts are unknown .
The cliffhanger ending have made fans impatient about the suspense that is well kept and kept for long.
Despite a manufactured cliffhanger ending, the only thing that would have rescued it for me was Bruce Willis racing into the death chamber, saying "Traffic was a bitch.
Jesse Williams revealed more about the cliffhanger ending and what lies ahead in season 10 in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
The first 90 minutes zipped by last night and the cliffhanger ending with a brutal murder and a neat twist of loyalties sets up part two nicely.
A third series was confirmed following Sunday's surprise cliffhanger ending, where Holmes appeared to survive a fall from a high-rise building.
Scant light relief then from the cliffhanger ending of the previous season which had left Luther on the run for his wife's murder and standing over the dead body of her real killer, the bent colleague who'd just met his end at the smoking barrels of a shotgun held by the parricidally psychotic Alice Morgan - the whackjob who'd slaughtered her whole family in episode one and with whom Luther had developed an ever-so-slightly unhealthy, extra-curricular relationship.
Also starring Mark Bonnar as DS Ben Holt, Pooky Quesnel and Lorcan Cranitch, this drama starts slowly but builds to an explosive cliffhanger ending to the first of five episodes.
The original remains a triumph, not least the iconic climax with three Mini Coopers escaping through the sewers and the cliffhanger ending to end all cliffhanger endings.