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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Alternative—fringe medicine An exercise in polarity therapy intended to loosen the chest and shoulders, expand the lungs, stretch the vertebral column, and release pelvic tension
Vox populi A moment of extreme—Hollywood-esque—tension
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Big screen cliffhangers date back to the silent film era when a serial called The Perils of Pauline had audiences perpetually anxious about the fate of the drama queen in the title.
The importance of scheduling issues became clear in another less publicized election-eve cliffhanger.
The same kind of resurrection of male sensitivity shines through even in so mindless a movie as Cliffhanger, in which Sly Stallone tries to mumble deep sentiments as he recovers from a lapse of pure heroism--he failed to save a young woman's life--with the help of Janine Turner.
Counting down the top 100, the three episodes list the number of cliffhangers the characters have enjoyed, signalled by the familiar drum roll, which insiders at the BBC refer to as the "doof doofs".
I love the cliffhanger," says Elisabeth, who's been playing Sarah Jane on and off since 1973.
84) Carmen eventually goes to jail, but the book ends with a cliffhanger for the next novel "Imagine That.
The bookmaker took bets on who was going kill Coronation Street character Charlie Stubbs after assuming that scriptwriters would make the story a "who shot JR Ewing"-style cliffhanger.
It pulls no punches, gives no easy answers, and ends with a shocking cliffhanger that will leave you counting the days until the final book.
With three stars of ``Desperate Housewives'' competing for a best actress statuette, the cliffhanger possibilities for Sunday's Emmy Awards telecast are juicier than they have been in years.
Every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, just like the good old days, but this is a smooth, intelligent story, and not the herky-jerky schlock we're sadly used to in the adventure genre.
The episode, the first of the 10th series of Friends, follows on from last year's cliffhanger when Rachel and Joey kissed for the first time.
the 1981 "Dallas" cliffhanger that had millions wondering if long-suffering wife Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray), one of myriad suspects, had attempted to murder her philandering oil tycoon husband J.