Client/Server Computing

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An information system architecture in which one or more dedicated servers process requests from peripheral computers, acting as a buffer among peripheral ‘nodes’
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The book explains client/server computing basics and benefits from a business perspective then clarifies IBM's overall client/server strategy with business applications in mind.
The argument is thus: Client/server computing is less expensive than centralized computing because of the emergence of cheap yet powerful microprocessor-based computers.
But ask a dozen people for a definition of client/server computing and you'll get many different answers.
By separating the data base from the functions that the user performs, client/server computing optimizes hardware to balance speed, volume and cost, while users have direct access to the information they need.
Reality Check: While client/server computing eventually may save you money, it certainly won't be in the short run.
Visitors from industry, government and education will continue to visit CITI to learn about and experience client/server computing.
No one disputes that client/server computing is complex.
The growth of the Internet and the move to Web-based computing are creating the biggest transformation yet in IT -- a shift from client/server computing to low cost Web-based architectures.
The Company also markets Macintosh(R) peripherals and software under the Global Village(R) brand name, as well as thin client/server computing devices and information appliances under the BocaVision(TM) brand name.
Strecker, vice president of engineering, said the use of frameworks puts Digital in a stronger competitive position than Hewlett- Packard and IBM, who currently take a product-specific focus to client/server computing.
At the University of Michigan, for example, client/server computing has decentralized information access and has facilitated a greater level of decision-making at the department level.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Equipment Corporation (NYSE: DEC) today announced more than 150 products and services as part of a major worldwide initiative to help customers move to open client/server computing.