The sequence of pages one hits while on the web which is a digital trail that one leaves as one surfs cyberspace
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By applying advanced data science and machine learning to Oracles web-scale data and an organizations own data, the new Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX can have an unprecedented ability to react, learn and adapt in real time based on historical and dynamic customer data such as click-stream and social activity as well as inputs such as weather, lookalike audiences and Internet of Things (IoT) data.
If click-stream and scrollstream data can be captured on your platform or be A/B testing-enabled, the dark data created can offer feedback about how your audience consumes your contributor's work.
8220;Our integration will offer Adobe Analytics customer innovative possibilities to obtain clickstream data and assist marketing professionals who want to perform deeper analysis by combining click-stream data with mobile, media, retail, social and CRM data,” said Thomas Spicer, CEO and Founder for Openbridge.
As a result, information from the call center, social interactions online, and Web site click-stream data are absent from the retailers' marketing database.
How to manage knowledge better to grow revenues and reduce costs through click-stream, demographic and predictive analytics as well as associative recommendations and data management
e-Commerce- Online businesses can analyze large volumes of click-stream data cost effectively resulting in business intelligence.
In addition, through the Aster Data Analytic Foundation, a suite of pre-packaged analytics functions, the company's nCluster Cloud Edition customers have access to advanced analytics such as sequential pattern analysis, which yields deeper behavioural and event analysis for improved click-stream analysis, ad targeting or fraud detection.
With the advent of online publishing, publishers conducted log-file and click-stream analysis in an effort to understand what caused users to click.
Dot-coms want to improve user click-stream analysis and customer tracking/profiling, improve the entire company's performance measurement system, and introduce more sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) and data warehouse measures.
By combining click-stream data, self-described information, buying history and data overlays, the Web has made database marketers salivate over the detailed data available on consumers.
DISH Network Corporation (Nasdaq:DISH), a US pay-TV provider, announced on Monday (24 November) an agreement with Rentrak Corporation (Nasdaq:RENT), an information management company, to report the measurement of DISH Network set-top box (STB) click-stream television data from millions of set top boxes.