The sequence of pages one hits while on the web which is a digital trail that one leaves as one surfs cyberspace
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Media performance from Yieldbot increases the value of digital media for brands that in turn drives higher CPMs for publishers by capturing, organizing and activating click-stream data.
8220;Our integration will offer Adobe Analytics customer innovative possibilities to obtain clickstream data and assist marketing professionals who want to perform deeper analysis by combining click-stream data with mobile, media, retail, social and CRM data,” said Thomas Spicer, CEO and Founder for Openbridge.
In addition, through the Aster Data Analytic Foundation, a suite of pre-packaged analytics functions, the company's nCluster Cloud Edition customers have access to advanced analytics such as sequential pattern analysis, which yields deeper behavioural and event analysis for improved click-stream analysis, ad targeting or fraud detection.
Dot-coms want to improve user click-stream analysis and customer tracking/profiling, improve the entire company's performance measurement system, and introduce more sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) and data warehouse measures.
Advanced Analytics Platform: New analytics platform links together Web click-stream, email, and transactional data to provide rich behavioral analytics that drive site and program optimization and strategy
This will offer a tool to help retailers access, analyse and share the e-commerce, transactional, content, personalisation and click-stream data coming from both traditional and Internet channels as well as from front- and back-end systems.
The resulting information provides marketers and ad agency executives with the results needed to evaluate where the telephone calls came from the same way Web-site and click-stream data is viewed with online campaigns, but now in a more complete "apples-to-apples" manner.
That newest version of the 1010data platform includes new features like multi-aggregation tools, time-series analysis, click-stream analysis and sophisticated ETL, among others.
SEMPO members and non-member pay-per-click advertisers contributed anonymous click-stream data to the study in exchange for analysis of their search engine advertising and potential click fraud.
Yieldbot both increases the value of digital media for brands and drives higher CPMs for publishers by capturing, organizing and activating real-time consumer intent in the click-stream.
Using WebIQ[R], thousands of site visitors answer questions upon arriving at the site, their click-stream activity is captured while on the site, and then they answer additional questions about their experience upon leaving the site.
Utilizing proprietary technology to process massive amounts of click-stream data, the TV Essentials system is able to aggregate and report second-by-second information from millions of digital set-top boxes nationwide.