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W. Wallace, 20th-century U.S. biochemist. See: Cleland nomenclature, Cleland reagent.
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In a letter to First Glasgow's managing director Andrew Jarvis, Councillor McManus said: "Over recent weeks I've received numerous complaints from constituents about First Bus 241 service North Motherwell - Cleland Terminus.
After that match, Ch Insp Cleland called for a change in the law.
If Cleland plays RJ's girlfriend, then the husband and wife may be arguing over RJ's relationship with her.
Our results show that depression is strongly associated with death during the year following discharge from hospital after an admission for the exacerbation of heart failure; we expect that the link persists beyond one year," Cleland added.
Naysmith and Cleland were among the five candidates interviewed by Rovers last week as the Kirkcaldy club look for the right person to replace Grant Murray and work alongside director of football Maurice Malpas and Laurie Ellis, who was the assistant manager to Murray and is someone the board want to keep at Stark's Park.
Instead I bring this up to your publication to give Alexander Cleland the recognition he is due and has been denied by many over the years.
Cleland signed notes will have the same design as those in circulation with the signature of Chris Salmon, the previous chief cashier, and his predecessors Andrew Bailey and Merlyn Lowther.
Me Cleland said: "It is a tremendous honour to be entrusted with the managing partner role by my peers.
Hal Gladfelder's deeply researched and thoughtfully assembled biography of John Cleland makes good on its promise "to reopen [his] writing in all its messiness of being written" (4).
Cleland has 25 years of endoscopy nursing experience, has been treasurer of NZNO's gastroenterology nurses' section and is a member of the national bowel cancer working group.
Mr Cleland said he got off the service at Treorchy.
THE pound in your pocket could be turning plastic within the next three years - that was the message from banknote boss Victoria Cleland as she visited Liverpool.