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Medspeak A mixture of medicines; generally the term cocktail is preferred
Nutrition A liquid mixture of various comestibles, usually served hot
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He said they should rehydrate properly and that drinking clear soup helped.
Chilli beef ramen was half soup, half noodle stir fry, a huge steaming bowl of clear soup with enough fresh coriander and lime to pack a real punch.
No one wants to eat Indian so we order a frothy mix: clear soup of shitake, bok choy and soba noodles, some salad of mixed leaves, brie and summer fruits with a tangy orange dressing and roasted tomato risotto.
What is the French term for a thin clear soup usually made from meat stock?
It was a beautiful clear soup with shredded vegetables and lovely chunks of seafood - a real delight.
Slice them thinly, sprinkle with sea salt, and crunch into them raw--or float a few of those slices on top of clear soup.
Tellytubbies Michelle and Kim had abandoned their clear soup and oranges diets for another week, and had been back shopping at Poundstretcher.
The soup was a clear soup with yuba (soymilk skin), spinach, and matsutake mushroom.
Well, fidelsuppe is not used for merry making because it is simply a clear soup with vermicelli.
If you're really lucky, you will also be served with kimosui, a clear soup made from eel livers.