drinking water

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drinking water

supply of water available to animals for drinking supplied via nipples, in troughs, dams, ponds and larger natural water sources; an insufficient supply leads to dehydration; it can be the source of infection, e.g. leptospirosis, salmonellosis, or of poisoning, e.g. fluorine, sodium chloride.

Patient discussion about drinking water

Q. Is drinking too much water harmful? Is there a condition like “water overdose”?

A. Drinking more water then you are used to is very good for you. But of course if you over do it it’s damaging. Drinking way too much will make you urinate more, this means you will also loose vital minerals in the urine like potassium and sodium. This can even lead to death.


Q. How does drinking a lot of water before an activity helps to avoid dehydration? Question Description It just makes me go to the bathroom more…

A. you need to drink water before,during and after any sports or exercises,because you sweat which causes dehydration.

Q. I know I’m supposed to drink 8-10 cups of water a day – but I feel it’s too much for me. I try to drink 8 cups a day but I just can’t continue with it long, I just find myself going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Any idea?

A. when people thought of this genius theory of drinking 10 cups a day they didn’t take in consideration the amount of water we get from our food, the idea that people working construction need more then 8 cups, that people that work in an air conditioned office and don’t tend to move around too much don’t perspire as well as construction workers. They just took the average data- we loose this amount of water, so we need to replace it. You should listen to your body and not to wise guys.

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For Every Child has had a transformative effect on how World Vision provides clean water.
WASA teams, under a special campaign are also plugging water leakages, cleaning water filtration plants and tube wells installed in the city to supply clean water to the citizens.
However, the rule intends to clarify that under the Clean Water Act, it:
The well drilling companies in Ghana continued to raise their fees and we felt restricted; yet we are determined to provide clean water to these precious children and their families.
Rather than digging a well, Living Waters for the World provides sustainable clean water through a batch water treatment system that, with training of local indigenous people in the community, is easy to install and maintain.
People in poor communities do not have access to clean water and sanitation like us.
In Indonesia, when Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing was established in 1974, there were many factory employees who lived in areas without clean water supply.
In April 2013 the non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) brought together two dozen nationally respected craft beer brewers to launch the Brewers for Clean Water Campaign, which aims to leverage the economic growth of the craft brewing sector into a powerful voice for bolstering clean water protection in the United States.
Now in its 12th year, Aveda's Earth Month campaign has pledged to raise $4 million to fund clean water projects around the world.
The bill would establish that producers who are in compliance with FIFRA requirements do not need to obtain Clean Water Act permits.