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A popular term for the ‘duties’ imposed by the Canadian government on a physician’s annual fees that are in excess of a certain amount of money
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Dodd-Frank clawback provision is likely to undesirably reduce the use of
However, companies that fail to meet or sustain these requirements commonly trigger clawback provisions, which can include repayment of awarded incentives.
Including analysis, it covers such topics as anti-dilution protection, warrant coverage and liquidation preferences, the Stock Purchase Agreement, clawback provisions, calmdowns, "next round financing," and the "overhang problem.
Holdren and determined not to pursue what have become known as "innocent executive" clawback claims against him in this matter.
Discussions with management were very constructive and resulted in the support of three of our proposals, namely the Compensation Clawback Provision, a Minimum Share Ownership for the CEO and an Anti-Hedging Proposal.
There's got to be a clawback system in remuneration itself, so that, if things are not working in year two, then there is a clawback that is possible.
Barclays said other top directors would take all their bonuses in shares over a three-year period and the payments would be subject to clawback.
I think the clawback mechanism is actually quite useful,' Bischoff told a Business for New Europe event on Thursday.
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The chain also pledged to pass on minimal price increases this spring - in contrast to the likes of Next which is upping prices by 8% to clawback higher costs.
It also puts the onus on companies to adopt their own clawback provisions.
Any MP taking this course of action will also avoid a clawback mechanism which would require them to pay back large sums if their second homes gain in value during the transition period ending in 2012.