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A popular term for the ‘duties’ imposed by the Canadian government on a physician’s annual fees that are in excess of a certain amount of money
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Some clawback policies permit or require a clawback of excess
Clawback question - the Gladstone Conservatory, Stanley Park pounds 164m cost - the Echo Arena and BT convention centre
But the clawback aside, experts said Medicaid is slowing for many reasons, including an improving economy that has led to more people getting jobs and obtaining private insurance.
22) As in a clawback agreement, a quick-peek agreement includes a provision stipulating that production of privileged documents does not waive any privileges.
Lib Dem spokesman, Coun Greg Stone, said: "Use of public money to attract inward investment is justifiable but it should be a basic rule to include clawback clauses to deter companies from breaching the agreement.
All rights and obligations of the parties under the FDIC shared-loss agreements, including the clawback provisions, will be eliminated under this termination agreement.
Gallagher, who has been a longtime vocal opponent to the Dodd-Frank Act, said at the meeting that staff hours could have been better spent on more "meaningful projects" like the disclosure review project instead of clawbacks.
Steven Bridgett, county councillor for the area, claims he persuaded authority lead executive director Steve Mason to have the council borrow money to fund rollout in communities in his area now, in the belief that iNorthumberland would be in receipt of the clawback in 2017, from which any loans could be repaid.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 also provide for clawback provisions that, under certain circumstances, require terminated executives to surrender the vested equity awards or the profits that they have realized.
Regulators have the power to force firms to halt bonus payments that have not yet been cashed in, but once paid they are immune from clawback.
Settlement of the shares sold to investors in the accelerated bookbuild offering with the exception of the new shares allocated subject to clawback and deferred settlement is expected to take place on 5 July 2013.
So, predictability is what they actually need; there will be no market widrawals, but things are going to get tough for small players, which are presently taking the brunt of those excessive measures, such as the decision to set the smallest price or the clawback tax.