Karl W., German bacteriologist, 1893-1956. See: Clauberg test, Clauberg unit.
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Axel Clauberg, VP IP and Fixed Access Architecture, Group CTO team, Deutsche Telekom AG,said: "As an industry we need to accelerate the journey towards NFV.
That was the message given by Axel Clauberg Deutsche Telekom's Vice President of Aggregation, Transport & IP Fixed Access in a keynote address to the Broadband Forum in Malta last week.
Axel Clauberg, Vice President, IP & Optical, Deutsche Telekom, and a Board Member of the Open Networking Foundation, has 32 years of networking and computing experience and is highly regarded for his software-defined networking knowledge.
com), the market-leading online community for the global communications sector, today announced that Axel Clauberg, Vice President, IP Architecture & Design, Deutsche Telekom, will keynote the Big Telecom Event (BTE) (www.
Nothing Is Sacred, DT's Clauberg Tells BTE http://www.
The latest insights into software-defined networking (SDN) from Deutsche Telekom expert Axel Clauberg on Tuesday, June 17, at 9:20 a.
113) A fellow Calvinist, John Baptist Clauberg (1622-1665) came close, when in his Ontosophia he said that the widest meaning of being was "the intelligible" and with an obviously Cartesian slant thought this to be the starting point of philosophy.
Press Contact: Katharina Clauberg Head of Communications Signavio GmbH Katharina.
We believe carriers can no longer afford to hard-code services into the OSS if they want to get to market quickly with new services," said Axel Clauberg, Vice President, Aggregation, Transport, IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom AG.
o Axel Clauberg, Systems Engineering Director, Solutions and Architectures, Emerging Markets Theatre, Cisco
Bernd Fiebig, who has been responsible for Nilpeter products at Clauberg Grafische Systeme for more than 20 years, has relocated to Nilpeter's new facilities in Hannover.
Clauberg remarks: "Since the science, which is about God calls itself Theosophy or Theology, it would seem fitting to call Ontosophy or Ontology that science which does not deal with this and that being, as distinct from the others owing to its special name or properties, but with being in general".