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A gene on chromosome 20q12-q13.12 that encodes a coregulator for alpha and beta oestrogen.
Molecular pathology
NCOA4 to RET translocations have been associated with papillary thyroid carcinoma.


colony inhibiting activity.
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Usually the disease is recognized when an alcoholic presents with the classic triad.
1) As evident in our case, radiological evidence of RPF on IV urography includes a classic triad of upper ureteral hydronephrosis, medial deviation of the ureters and extrinsic ureteral compression.
The preferable approach is to begin with the antibiotics and then follow-up with the confirmatory studies when acute bacterial meningitis is suspected, as in patients with the classic triad of neck stiffness, altered mental status, and fever.
Despite the classic triad of mouth, hand, and foot lesions, most cases are probably undiagnosed due to the benign, short course.

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