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NET Class Library is delivered at no charge on the Omni CD with the purchase of a Data Translation hardware product.
The second JRE targeted at the VxWorks/IXP465 platform includes the ports of: (i) IBM's J2ME-compatible J9VM, Foundation Class Library, and JIT compiler; and (ii) IBM's WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure (WRDI), which allows a device having this JRE running on it to be used as an RFID "edge server" (a device capable of collecting and processing the radio signals sent by RFID "chips" placed, for example, on various parts in a warehouse).
The integration of the SystemC open-source C++ class library and a methodology that can be used to create cycle-accurate models of software algorithms, hardware architecture, system-on-chip interface, and system-level design is expected to allow system designers to specify front-end performance and validate hardware implementation.
It adds a system-design, verification and hardware-design class library to ANSI Standard C++ and provides hardware-oriented constructs.
New Java Class Library Adds Visual Dimension to Decision Support Systems to Help Professionals Identify Patterns and Trends Spanning Many Variables
The Java Document Library is a general purpose Application Framework and Java class library for incorporating document functionality into J2EE and J2SE applications.
OSCI is dedicated to the development and promotion of SystemC, a C++ based class library for high-level electronic system design.
The Flex application framework combines an elegant yet familiar programming syntax; a rich, extensible class library of building blocks for creating effective applications; and powerful runtime services for data connectivity, deployment, and experience management.
The QuickBooks Foundation Class Library enables developers to write applications that exchange data with QuickBooks without the need to code in XML.