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A popular slang term for a man’s testes
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Monty Python star Palin jumped at the chance of taking over as narrator as he was an avid fan of the Clangers as a child.
The Clangers, clockwise from left: Soup Dragon, Iron Chicken, Sky Moo, Froglets, Granny, Tiny, Major, Small, Mother <B
Michael Palin will |narrate the new Clangers series
Through the 1950s into the 1980s, programmes like Noggin The Nog, Ivor The Engine, The Clangers and Bagpuss were at the heart of the BBC's mission to provide inspiring content for its young audiences.
The packaging features the Clangers, and aims to attract older target markets that would remember them.
We have models which are casts of the originals which we use when we're designing, but we do have to work with the actual Clangers as well sometimes and there's always a look from the people who look after them.
They expect to launch toys based on classic TV series The Clangers next June after bagging rights to make a range earlier this year.
The Clangers, of course, were a group of pink woolly long-nosed creatures who lived on the moon and spoke in a strange series of whistles.
She said: "We only started stocking the Clangers pin badges last week but within a few days we had sold out.
A website devoted to movie clangers puts Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End in second place with 63 gaffes.
I know he dropped a clanger against Manchester United that led to a goal, but all keepers, even the greatest of them, drop clangers and make total mess-ups now and again.
Whatever happened to Pinky and Perky, the Flowerpot Men, The Clangers and Captain Pugwash?