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A popular slang term for a man’s testes
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When one of Kate's pastries fell, she prompted laughs at home saying: "I've dropped a clanger.
Monty Python star Palin jumped at the chance of taking over as narrator as he was an avid fan of the Clangers as a child.
The Clangers, clockwise from left: Soup Dragon, Iron Chicken, Sky Moo, Froglets, Granny, Tiny, Major, Small, Mother <B
Three kilometres of wool were used to knit the Clangers Family.
In October, the rights to many of his creations, including Bagpuss, The Clangers and Ivor the Engine, were acquired by media company Coolabi in a pounds 400,000 deal.
The packaging features the Clangers, and aims to attract older target markets that would remember them.
BIGGEST CLANGER Kate drops her clanger cake BIGGEST clanger When Kate dropped a cake called the Clanger It wasn't quite bingate but Kate almost had to throw one of her bakes away which surely would have seen her get kicked out of the competition.
The Clangers, of course, were a group of pink woolly long-nosed creatures who lived on the moon and spoke in a strange series of whistles.
The ice-cream producers are selling pin badges of the popular mouse-like creatures The Clangers to support the Yorkshire charity.
I know he dropped a clanger against Manchester United that led to a goal, but all keepers, even the greatest of them, drop clangers and make total mess-ups now and again.
Whatever happened to Pinky and Perky, the Flowerpot Men, The Clangers and Captain Pugwash?
Vin Shanley, from Bideford Gardens in Whitley Bay, has collected these and many more mistakes by schoolchildren for his book More Classic Classroom Clangers.