civil law

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ci·vil law

(si'vĭl lah)
The branch of legislation dealing with the rights and duties of citizens rather than with criminal acts.

civil law,

n a statutory law, as opposed to common law or judge-made law (such as case law). The Dental Practice Act in every state is a civil law.

civil law

the form of law which is conducted inquisitorially with the judge asking all of the questions and deciding the outcome. The basis of European law. The opposite to English law, which is adversarial in its approach.
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The history of enactment of the FCPA demonstrates that its purpose was to remove the bar to bringing civil proceedings that the common law placed on felons convicted and sentenced to death.
Doctors who wish to sue patients for malicious prosecution or abuse of civil proceedings must show that such patients acted intentionally with 'malice' and 'without reasonable and probable cause'.
In 2006, the force paid out pounds 88,551 in civil proceedings but the figure has steadily risen each year to pounds 262,203 in 2007, pounds 317,341 in 2008 and pounds 608,627 in 2009.
Therefore every business, school, organisation, insurance company, airline, and every private individual who suffers economically from this recent and current action should take civil proceedings in the courts to recover costs, and let the association also pay for the cost of policing.
I intend lodging civil proceedings against the two members of staff concerned.
Defence solicitor Gwyndaf Parri said Marsh was under stress due to civil proceedings over her children.
After this period, with certain exceptions, an ex-offender is not normally obliged to mention their conviction when applying for a job or obtaining insurance, or when involved in criminal or civil proceedings.
The firm has launched civil proceedings against 100 people suspected of illegally uploading copyrighted works on behalf of Topware Interactive.
The current system uses private attorneys for criminal cases when a public defender has a conflict of interest, in dependency and termination of parental rights proceedings, as well as certain other civil proceedings as authorized by law.
Brennan is alleged to have entered a seating area during Toulouse's 28-13 Heineken Cup victory over Ulster last month and punched a supporter, who has since begun criminal and civil proceedings.
Once the decision is made to prosecute violation of health care fraud statutes, the next step is determining whether to pursue criminal or civil proceedings.
But the total legal pay-out could be far higher if customers who say they have been made ill by affected bars take civil proceedings.