social control

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so·cial con·trol

the influence on the behavior of a person exerted by other people or by society as a whole; for example, through appropriate social norms, ostracism, or the criminal law.
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The duty of civil obedience is not explained away and the power to bind the conscience of men is not taken away from God.
Even though A Brief Treatise is not essentially a treatise on political theory, it offers some insightful commentary on civil obedience and on Romans 13.
When one burns the flag, however, the act of civil obedience extends beyond the boundaries of an endeavor to change an existing state attitude.
At the same time, we are reestablishing the concepts of civil obedience and law and order in recently liberated Iraq and helping to secure our homeland in the global war on terrorism.
The MoD spokesman said the Paratroopers, who helped take Basra, were now seeking to restore humanitarian and civil obedience with the community.
Ordinary laws and policies ordinarily deserve civil obedience, not disobedience.
Kuehl's notions of civil obedience and responsibility merely update an old custom of American race relations: the one in which a Negro caught whistling at a white woman, or even looking at her improperly, was lynched on the spot.
November 8, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) has called on the residents of Khartoum to mobilize for civil obedience and popular uprising and escalate various forms of daily resistance to overthrow the regime.