social control

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so·cial con·trol

the influence on the behavior of a person exerted by other people or by society as a whole; for example, through appropriate social norms, ostracism, or the criminal law.
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Kuehl's notions of civil obedience and responsibility merely update an old custom of American race relations: the one in which a Negro caught whistling at a white woman, or even looking at her improperly, was lynched on the spot.
He said after rejection of the call of civil obedience, Imran Khan should tender apology to the nation and abandon the politics of ego.
In a statement issued here on Monday, Hussain criticized Imran Khan, saying the PTI' chief's announcement of civil obedience was a great joke with people.
It is about a more fundamental aspect of our lives - consideration for others or civil obedience, as he calls it.
On the contrary, I hope I have shown in just what ways Jewish stories are central to the themes of this work, its interests in civil obedience, national community, and international reform, and its fears about difference and identity.