Citrus spp

Citrus spp.,

n See extract, citrus seed.
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Brevipalpus yothersi seems to have a cosmopolitan distribution and a very broad host range, with a strong association with Citrus spp.
dinamica populacional de mosca-negra-dos-citros aleurocanthus woglumi ashby (hemiptera: aleyrodidae) em citrus spp.
The present study was undertaken for screening of new sources of limonoids among Citrus spp.
1987 Inclusions Bodies produced in citrus spp by citrus Tristeza virus Phytophylactica 19: 211213
The selection of morphological characters was made by applying the IPGRI Citrus spp descriptor (IPGRI, 2000).
Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation and Regeneration of Citrus spp from suspension cells.
The present study with citrus varieties has shown the potential of RAPD markers as a rapid reproducible and useful method for distinguishing and clustering different genotypes in Citrus spp.