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comb denotes radiation from any source.

Patient discussion about radio

Q. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect? My 4 year son is very talkative. He is crazy to climbing the pole to reach the top of it. He is always running all round the house, shouting and causing all sorts of disturbance not only to us but to the neighbors too. Suddenly he goes in to a dull mood. His mind works too fast that he is unable to focus on a single task. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect?

A. Children at this age are generally active and make a lot more noise and merry go around. They play as they wish. But if the child shows the symptoms for a relatively longer period say at the age of 6 then it is an alarming sign and needs a consultation with the doctor. If your child has a long history of these symptoms then you must consult a doctor. The early you diagnose, the better the treatment will be.

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Our other product categories, including radar detection and citizens band radios, are showing strength as well, and are expected to contribute to a strong year.
Building upon its leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and citizens band radio industries, Cobra identified new growth opportunities and has expanded into the GPS, mobile navigation and marine markets over the last several months.
The lower domestic Citizens Band radio and Truck Navigation sales reflected significantly reduced store traffic in travel centers and in the case of Citizens Band radios, strong sales from the third quarter of 2011 that included sales of a limited edition model that was not repeated in 2012.
In addition to the current quarter launch of the new 29 LX Citizens Band radio, Cobra also launched the 5550 PRO, an all new 5-inch navigation unit specifically designed for the professional driver," said Mr.
Cobra Electronics Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of innovative mobile communication, marine and GPS products for consumers, having attained a leadership position in the GMRS/FRS, citizens band radio and radar detector markets.
Citizens Band radio sales also benefited from the support of strong distribution partners.
Domestically, the gross margin improvement resulted from both a more favorable product mix, reflecting strong growth in Citizens Band radio sales and gross margin because of a more favorable customer mix and sales of the 29 LX LE, and higher gross margin for two-way radios resulting from decreases in air freight expense and the cost of pricing programs that were required a year ago to maintain sales volume in the difficult economy.
Our other categories, including two-way radio, radar detection and citizens band radio, are showing strength, as well, and are expected to contribute to a strong year.
Cobra is building on its 50 years of innovation and leadership position in radar detections systems, two-way radio, and Citizens Band radio industries with bold new product introductions at CES 2011 and aggressive expansion into new high growth product categories.
1 percent and Citizens Band radio sales declined by 7.
6 million, as radar detection and Citizens Band radio sales were particularly hurt by a cutback in consumer spending, with declines of 37.
were not as severely impacted by the overall economy, the decline in freight traffic and the resulting decline in travel center business took their toll on Citizens Band radio sales.

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