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Mas acrescentam que os adverbios de intensidade podem reforcar o sentido de um adjetivo e de um adverbio, como Cipro Neto e Infante colocaram.
A: Most doctors could figure out how to treat a patient with a urinary tract infection that was resistant to both Bactrim and Cipro.
Why did Bayer fail to make a generous gesture and offer short-term emergency supplies of Cipro for free?
About the same time that the Cipro was being doled out, the New England Journal of Medicine published three studies confirming that the routine use of antibiotics in agriculture also encourages the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.
Workers were most baffled about why the government was handing out Cipro without determining whether anyone had symptoms, since the White House has said it would be counterproductive for people to take antibiotics if they have had no contact with anthrax.
Terrorism raises the possibility that to get their Cipro or smallpox shots, Quinn and Dowd would have to fight their neighbors along with the great unwashed likely to be piled up already at the local emergency room--an unpalatable situation for anyone, but especially for those accustomed to being above the fray.
In fact, taking Cipro when a person is not exposed to anthrax can do more harm than good, because it can lead to the growth of a drug-resistant strain of the disease.
Y es que en esta ciudad industrial tiene su sede el consorcio quimico-farmaceutico Bayer, productor mundial --y dueno de la patente-- del antibiotico Cipro, el mas efectivo para combatir los efectos del antrax.
Mr Burns and his wife Dianne, 45, and nineyear-old son Michael had to have swabs taken for anthrax spores as well as being treated with the drug Cipro.
At 4pm, with dozens still waiting, a nurse stuck a Q-tip up my nose and sent me off with a two-week supply of Cipro antibiotics.