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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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It is assumed that no one modifies or shuffle the cipher text sequence.
Salts are random data combined with plain text and the session key used to create cipher text.
In addition to connecting directly to Promina platforms, the CTP-1004 can also be deployed on the cipher text side of line encryptors connected to Promina WAN modules, resulting in an encrypted IP data flow.
It provides end-to-end protection of e-mail messages during transmission across both wired and wireless networks, and stores encrypted e-mail messages as cipher text.
The power of VME results from a unique data mapping technology that creates exceptionally random cipher text and from its ability to use up to a million- bit key.
The T508+ provides M&C of the AFSCN Automated Remote Tracking Stations (ARTS), cipher text command and telemetry processing, antenna management, and an RGF Simulator.