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fairy-tale character oppressed by her stepfamily until she magically attends a ball and ultimately marries a prince.
Cinderella complex - fear of being independent causes unconscious desire to be taken care of by others.
Cinderella syndrome - false accusations made by adopted children of being mistreated or neglected by their stepmothers.
Cinderella dermatosis - skin disease characterized by ash-gray macules occurring most often on palms, extremities, buttocks, and scalp.
Cinderella stepmother syndrome - overcompensation by a stepmother in an effort to be accepted into new family.
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Drawing inspiration from the intricate designs and beautiful sets of Cinderella, the Modern Princess Collection by Coco Rocha features fairytale-influenced patterns that capture the essence of today's modern day princess.
Against the backdrop of a glitzy nightclub, Cinderella features a 35-strong orchestra, dancers, live video projection and pyrotechnics.
YOU WILL GO TO THE BALL: Deena Payne as the Fairy Godmother with Emma Stephens as Cinderella and Ray Quinn as Prince Charming
Cinderella runs at Rhyl Pavilion until January 9, 2010.
Cinderella on Ice is at the Empire from March 3-7 as part of a UK tour.
If you're planning a visit to the pantomime this New Year, then Cinderella at Bradford comes highly recommended.
Cinderella tells the tale of Baron Hardup, who returns from holiday to his daughter Cinderella and servant Buttons with the surprise that he has married again, in Whitley Bay
It is strangely stirring, perhaps because it reminds Cinderella of the danger of turning into a pumpkin, or missing life's moment of opportunity.
He took one look at Cinderella and said to himself, "What the heck is going on here?
With a full supporting cast and real Shetland ponies pulling Cinders' coach, Cinderella will be a magical show for all the family.
Teesside actress Katie Lowe, a former member of Middlesbrough Youth Theatre, takes the role of Cinderella.