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district in Czechoslovakia where the disease was first described in 1929.
Teschen disease virus - a picornavirus causing Teschen disease of pigs. Synonym(s): infectious porcine encephalomyelitis virus
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Mayor Ryszard Macura of Cieszyn and Waldemar Golebiewski, director of the PPG plant, recently reopened a children's playground in the Park pod Walka after renovation, expansion and painting was completed as part of PPG's global Colorful Communities initiative.
Jusqu'en 1939, subsiste l'idee selon laquelle la population de la Haute Silesie etait differente de celle de la Silesie de Cieszyn, ce qui justifia le partage de cette region.
It won't last, even though the prime minister is a Protestant, and from the Cieszyn region at that.
The Ensemble will also present selections from the Polish folk regions of Lowicz, Przeworsk, Eastern Krakow and the elegant Renaissance city of Cieszyn, high in the Beskid Mountains.
biodegradable waste produced is a city Czech Cieszyn, ensuring the operation of collecting yard on the land Czech town of Cieszyn, incl.
0 of EMS' Time Critical Manufacturing (TCM)(TM) software system to help Celma manage manufacturing, warehousing and shipping of its entire product line of hand-held electrical power tools at the company's manufacturing facility in Cieszyn, Poland.
Open Procedure: Conducting The Postal Agency In The Town Of Cieszyn Radius Of Not Less Than 800 Meters From The Nearest Post Office.
The contract is for a gradual pick-up (including transport), and waste generated in municipal water treatment plants located in Cieszyn Street.
Contract notice: Provision of services for the collection and management of municipal waste generated by the property owners resident and non-resident located in the town of cieszyn.
Management, operation and maintenance of cemeteries and providing funeral services in the Czech town of Cieszyn, to the extent specified in the technical specification and contract, which will be annexed to the tender documentation.
Sales of energy will take place on the basis of contracts concluded separately by each joint Orderers, but in relation to the authorities: Municipality of Brenna Municipality Chybie, Municipality of Cieszyn, Municipality Debowiec, Municipality Mating, Municipality Hazlach, Istebna, Municipality Hawks-Zdroj, Municipality Lekawica , District of Cieszyn, SkoczEw Municipality, Municipality Stream, Municipality of Ustron, Wisla Municipality, Municipality Zebrzydowices also on the basis of contracts concluded separately by local government organizational units described in detail in Appendix 2 hereto.