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district in Czechoslovakia where the disease was first described in 1929.
Teschen disease virus - a picornavirus causing Teschen disease of pigs. Synonym(s): infectious porcine encephalomyelitis virus
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Implementing agency : Gmina Cieszyn, w imieniu ktrej dziala Burmistrz Miasta Cieszyna
PPG has announced the completion of a Colorful Communities project in Cieszyn, Poland, that helped to revitalize and beautify the city center by adding colorful mural art to a wall and sponsoring the first-ever Mur Art festival of murals.
Topics include: hate narrations; Pope John Paul II's teaching and practice of conciliation; Polish youth confronting the Jewish past and pathways to reconciliation; contributions of the Opole Catholic Church to the reconciliation of ethnic groups, traditions, and cultures; young people of Cieszyn Silesia in interfaith dialogue; marital selection and reconciliation in two Polish bi-denominational communities; memory sites and their relationship to antagonism and reconciliation in the case of Polish-Czech relations; Latvian-Russian relations in Daugavpils since 1991; and past conflicts and seeking of reconciliation on the Polish-Ukrainian borderland.
The artists are based in and around the towns of Bielsko-Biala and Cieszyn in south-west Poland.
This is most obviously the case in Flaga (1972-2000), 2002, a work that entails, in the words of the artist, "a Fiat 126 produced in Turin, Italy, in 1974 and customised using parts manufactured and fitted in Poland, following a journey of 1290 km from Turin to Cieszyn.
Contract award notice: Provision of services in the field of collection and management of municipal waste generated on the premises of inhabited and uninhabited real estate located in the area of the Cieszyn Commune
PPG Completes Colorful Communities Project in Cieszyn, Poland
Contract award notice: Physical security services of the objects of the university of silesia located in katowice, Sosnowiec, Chorzw and cieszyn.
The contractor is obliged to receive consignments prepared for expulsion from the organizational units of the Employer located in Katowice, Sosnowiec, Cieszyn, Szczyrk.
The subject of the order is the comprehensive provision of laundry services for the Team of Health Care in Cieszyn.