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Perris also rejected archdiocese arguments that church law - canon law - should trump federal law when determining ownership of assets.
Just because church law says one thing doesn't mean it can't be.
He did not resort to the persuader on Church Law in the near-three-mile handicap chase, bringing the grey quietly through from off the pace to win going away.
Gay man Raymond Bagnuolo was ordained November 13 by South Presbyterian Church, even though he said he would not abide by a church law requiring ministers to practice chastity if single.
Although public opinion may be at odds with the Vatican's officials, it seems that those same officials are failing to consider the opinions of the people-which church law requires.
Current church law, Canon B8, stipulates that clergy celebrating communion must wear either a surplice, the white frock-like vestment, or alb - the hooded garment with a stole around the neck.
Mr Harding ignored three summons to appear before the Presbytery and under Church law has been sacked.
Church law says that wedding vows must be taken by 6pm - so that the bridegroom can have enough light to see that he is marrying the right girl.
The Reverend Gregory Dell was found guilty in March of disobeying Methodist church law by officiating at a "holy union" of two men.
In a major setback to Christian gay-rights activists, a ban on the ordination of homosexuals will become church law in the Presbyterian Church (U.
The result in the first instance is that late medieval Church law in England functioned no differently than elsewhere in Western Europe, employing a nuanced modus operandi which allowed freedom in interpreting and developing the law according to local traditions and needs even where papal decretals might rule differently.
The court affirmed a California-Pacific Annual Conference resolution that calls for operating as if church law regarding homosexuality does not exist and it required Bishop James Dorff of southwest Texas to rule "on the merits" of a question about the ordination eligibility of a lesbian clergy candidate.