pelvic pain

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pelvic pain

pain in the pelvis, as occurs in appendicitis, oophoritis, and endometritis. The character and onset of pelvic pain and any factors that alleviate or aggravate it are significant in making a diagnosis.

Patient discussion about pelvic pain

Q. Has anyone fractured their pelvic bone?...and if so how long did it take until you could walk on side injured

A. my cousin fractured his pelvic bone in two places while skiing last winter (my brother pictured the helicopter coming for the rescue, a very good picture..). it took him a month until he could start walking with a cane, and about 2 months later he could walk properly.
if you want i'll send you the picture, you can say it's you :)

Q. I have weak pelvic muscles and ive not had children or anything..only 20. Ive tried out pelvic floor (kegel) but no such luck!!

A. In contrast to what people may think, it's not such a rare condition. Even in your age groups, many girls may suffer from that problem, and labor isn't essential to develop it. Things that may aggravate it and that you can change include smoking, overweight, constipation etc.

You can read more here (, but if the problems keep disturb you consulting a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) may be the next step.

Take care,

Q. I have weak pelvic muscles.. Ive not had any children or anything like that. And im only 20. Isnt it abit odd It dont help one little bit when you have bladder problems(and struggle to control the flow)

A. Thank you for the answer Lucy, however i forgot to mention i have actually been doing P

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