chromium trioxide

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chro·mi·um tri·ox·ide

CrO3; chromic acid, a strong oxidizing agent used as a caustic to remove warts and other small growths from the skin and genitals.


a chemical element, atomic number 24, atomic weight 51.996, symbol Cr. See Table 6.

a radioisotope of chromium having a half-life of 27.8 days; used to label red blood cells to determine red cell volume and red cell survival time. Symbol 51Cr. See also cr51edta.
chromium nutritional deficiency
possibly causally related to the onset of diabetes mellitus in primates.
chromium trioxide
possibly carcinogenic in humans. See also chromate.
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You must notify EHCA within 3 months of the first use of the substance after the authorisation has been published in the Official Journal that you intend to continue using chromium trioxide.
The HSE will want to see how you control the use chromium trioxide and ensure that employee exposures are kept to a minimum.
2] Clastogenicity 24 h Sodium chromate Growth curves 1-10 [micro]M Cell cycle analysis 24 h Mitotic index Sodium dichromate Morphological BEAS-2B lung 1-20 [micro]M changes indicative epithelial cells: 36 h of apoptosis IKK = normal NF-kB PARP cleavage activity: KM = low TUNEL analysis NF-kB activity Sodium chromate Phosphatidylserine BJ-hTERT derived 1-9 [micro]M translocation assay B-5Cr (cells that 4-24 h Clonogenic survival survived 99% Growth curves clonogenic lethality) Microarray Chromium trioxide Generation of 293 human kidney 5-100 [micro]M resistant clones cells 1-7+ wk Clonogenic survival Growth curve Toxicity analysis curve Treatment Summary of effects Ref Lead chromate Lead ions do not promote Cr(VI)-damaged 36 0.
Table 73: US Chromium Market (2006 & 2007): Value Imports of Chromium Trioxide by Countries of Origin (In US$ Thousand) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-11
As is typical for CCA-treated wood, the amounts of chromium trioxide were higher than the other two metal elements in all panel groups containing CCA-treated wood.
This batch of opinions also covers the largest application for authorisation reviewed so far, submitted by a consortium of importers of chromium trioxide called CTAC - selling the substance to a substantial part of the European chrome plating industry.
However, due to the reclassification of chromium trioxide from toxic to very toxic, by the European Chemicals Bureau, many of SEA's members will now come under COMAH.
Contract notice: Implementation of administrative records and risk management of one or more folders exemption for chromium trioxide substance and its uses implemented by SIAe and impacted by REACh