chromatography paper

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chro·ma·tog·ra·phy pa·per

used in paper chromatography.
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Whatman Grade 1, considered the world standard in chromatography paper, has good resolution for general analytical separations.
Chromatography paper is used by chemical engineers to determine simply the filterability of muds and slurries.
Quantification of [Hb] was accomplished by scanning the sheets of chromatography paper containing arrays of [micro]PADs on a portable flatbed scanner (CanoScan LiDE110, Canon USA) and then analyzing the images automatically with a custom-coded algorithm (MATLAB, The Math Works).
45micrometre), 300 mm X 4 m, 3MM Chromatography paper, 460 X 570 mm, 100 pcs/pack, X-gal, 1 gm, N,N Dimethylformamide, extrapure AR- 500ml 2-mercaptoethenol, pure 100ml, Yeast nitrogen base w/o Amino Acids, 100g, Bactoagar, 500 gm, Ammonium sulfate, extrapure AR- 500g, SDS, mol bio- 500g, Phenol (Tris equilibrated), mol bio- 500ml, Phenol:chloroform:IAA, mol bio- 500ml, DMSO, mol bio- 500ml Manganese chloride Tetradhydrate (MnCl2.
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