Christmas Tree Pattern

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Dermatology A finding in pityriasis rosea; the lesions are oval, 1-cm pink-brown papules, covered by fine keratinaceous scales, which correspond to parakeratosis, and aligned parallel to the skin cleavage lines of the trunk; lesions fade after 2-12 wks
Molecular biology Feathering pattern A descriptor for the ultrastructural pattern—seen by the technique of rotary shadowing after gene activation by DNA polymerase—when multiple pre-rRNAs simultaneously initiate transcription on a single DNA molecule. Each of the feather’s ‘branches’ corresponds to chains of nascent rRNA which are progressively shorter towards the initiation site
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PART OF AVANTI LINENS' LICENSED LINE with Spode, which it acquired last year, is the Spode Christmas Tree pattern, a design that is both traditional for the holidays in both look and colors.
Sales linked to the brands are due to add pounds 7 million this year, with another pounds 12 million across 2010, particularly as a result of the likely popularity of Spode ranges such as the best-selling Christmas Tree pattern.
has introduced a Christmas tree pattern on Fiesta's versatile new color - ivory.
In the US, Royal China is the exclusive distributor of Spode, the iconic Christmas tree pattern dating back to 1937 that popularized holiday dinnerware.