Robert, Scottish physician, 1797-1882. See: Christison formula.
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In her 1927 book Christison of Lammermoor, a biographical account of her father Robert Christison, Bennett (1927:100) recognised this contradiction when she wrote that 'Christison understood the blacks the better because he, too, was trying to win a living from their land'.
Victorian toxicologist Robert Christison was a professor of medicine at Edinburgh University for more than 50 years.
Irene Christison (nee Blackburn) is shown, on left, with Nellie Harris, an unidentified person and Etta Byas.
Veterans at the Edinburgh service included local man Donald Christison, 89, who helped liberate PoWs after the surrender as a crewman on HMS Duke of York.
com)-- Tourmaline Beach Press is proud to present a children's book as their debut publication, A Boy and a Bird, by Andrew Christison, a Fresno, California native.
This domain of knowledge was initially supported, and constructed by, a demand for medical truths and expertise in criminal poisoning trials (Burney, 2002, 2006; Christison, 1829; Taylor, 1861).
Carol Christison is president and CEO of the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association in Madison, Wis.
2) As she grew up she watched her father Robert Christison collect objects from the Yirandali people he employed on the station and her mother take photographs of them.
John Contrubis, David Vandenberg and Alex Christison formed a relay team to compete, each handling a different leg of the race.
Op die manier worden mannen als Christison, Van Mook, Spoor, Westerling en vele anderen voor een deel in nieuw licht gesteld.
Christison et al (1) published a succinct summary of the use of reserpine in schizophrenia in which they reviewed the extant controlled studies for reserpine for psychosis.
Christison is affiliated with the Urban Institute for Teacher Education at the University of Utah.

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