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Erna, Danish neuropathologist, 1906-1967. See: Christensen-Krabbe disease.
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Personal injury lawyer Dave Christensen has seen too many people suffer as a result of drunk driving.
SUNDERLAND boss Gus Poyet wants CHELSEA'S young centre-half Andreas Christensen on loan next season.
com)-- A simple yet functional new product designed to solve a common household problem, the Christensen Cloth Rack, has been developed by Joe Christensen of University Place, Washington.
Christensen Farms, which was set up in 1974 as a small family business, has bought the assets of the privately-owned Exetare Partnership, LLP this January.
I knew about Todd Christensen long before I knew he was from Eugene.
Christensen attempted to enlist in the Army, but was turned away.
For the last twenty-six years, [Lew] Christensen has been the quiet and steady force behind the San Francisco Ballet and its rise to international prominence.
As newly appointed president of EnergySolutions, Val Christensen sees himself as a problem solver.
Logistics expert Lawrence Christensen is stepping into a new role at Sainsbury from today.
Pearce nails Warhol's blank-eyed toxicity, but Christensen (and the filmmakers) clearly didn't spend much time watching D.
Christensen, "from the subjects I choose to paint, to the message of the work, to the responsibility I feel to the viewers.
Christensen says for him, the rhino is experiencing the limitations of increasing age.