Christopher Reeve

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An American actor who played four Hollywood versions of Superman (1978–87) and for many fans is regarded as the definitive Superman. He suffered a horse riding accident in 1995 which left him quadriplegic, and spent the rest of his life campaigning for research in spinal cord injuries. His death in 2004 was attributed to an adverse reaction to an antibiotic taken for sepsis following a pressure wound
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Chris Reeves, commercial manager for intelligent mobility at MIRA said, Ensuring the safety and security of connected vehicles is crucial given the potential consequences if criminals perform a successful hack, said.
David Mullin and Ruth Dixon, both TCS; Chris Reeves, Mira.
RON BARSTON, Keith Brown, Malcolm Clarke, Chris Reeves, Richard Gardiner, Martin Head, Roy Northall, David Simpson, Philip Smith and Alan Wright, take a bow.
The tea ladies were Joan Quarmby and Chris Reeves As there was no speaker Ann Dick organised a quiz which was enjoyed by all the members.
Wills blotted his day by picking up a second yellow on 87 minutes with Chris Reeves grabbing a consolation on full time.
The top prize of PS5,000 for the best film went to Irishman Chris Reeves, for The Cause of Ireland, presented to him by Julie Christie.
Those still in the mix are Mima Romanic, Sara Chalmers, Maria Cruz, Keen Delosa, Chris Reeves, Kcris Ramos, Robert Jennings and Maisie Stephen.
Chris Reeves has joined the team at the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center as an orthopedic surgeon.
Chief Inspector Chris Reeves, overseeing the command at the game, said: "I think there was 3,500 or so tickets sold to Newcastle fans before the match, so it shows a large number have chosen to come down late on.
Herlihy limped off in the second period but although Holleran flung on reinforcements, a revamped defence featuring 17-year-old substitute Chris Reeves coped with few real alarms and Stratford wrapped it up seven minutes from time when Mark Faulds launched a counter-attack and, although Breeden parried Nathan Edgington's shot, Dave Pearson snapped up the rebound.
Studio Manager Chris Reeves said the visit of Mr Hanson will add to the Christmas excitement, in the studio and around the hospital.