Christopher Reeve

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An American actor who played four Hollywood versions of Superman (1978–87) and for many fans is regarded as the definitive Superman. He suffered a horse riding accident in 1995 which left him quadriplegic, and spent the rest of his life campaigning for research in spinal cord injuries. His death in 2004 was attributed to an adverse reaction to an antibiotic taken for sepsis following a pressure wound
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Jack Richardson and Mark Bertram are definitely ruled out and Atkinson will need to assess the fitness of Chris Reeve, Callum Anderson and Phil Lumsden before finalising his squad.
A March 19 email from Head of Corporate Affairs, Chris Reeve, explains the vouchers will not be issued, saying ".
Chris Reeve, Cleveland Fire Brigade's Middlesbrough locality manager, said the caller was claiming to be from 'Redcar and Cleveland Fire Brigade' and offering to carry out a home fire safety check.
The replayed Dutchman Cup semi final saw SKELMERSDALE & DISTRICT a 4-2 success for Irby FC as they raced past Nags Head thanks to goals from Ross Pringle (2), Scott Nickson and Matty Kerr as Grange FC secured the division two title with a 3-1 victory over Irby Athletic as Kieran Fleetwood (2) and Chris Reeve netted.
including Chris Reeve, a Boise custom knife maker who collaborated with Harsey on the Yarborough Knife project.
Managing director Chris Reeve said, ``Outside London we are catering for the shopping community rather than just business people.
Honley High's governors and Trust partners, including Eric Syrajanen from Cummins Turbo Technologies and Chris Reeve of Locala Community Partnerships, set out their vision for how the move would improve learning opportunities for young people and benefit the wider community.
Chris Reeve, owner of Chris Reeve Knives, worked closely with Crucible to develop both steels and is a huge proponent of powdered steels.
Chief Inspector Chris Reeve, of Durham Constabulary, said: "We have already identified a number of people responsible and are continuing to work to trace the others.
With Chris Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman, and lots of unseen footage.
It's not enough, Grosch emphasizes, to simply tell a customer that a Chris Reeve Sebenza, for example, is a superb knife.
52pm underneath the boat by family friend and diver Mr Chris Reeve, who runs a taxi service to the floating inn.