Chore Services

Household support services—e.g., house cleaning, minor repairs, yard work, laundry, trash removal—which help a person stay at home and remain as independent as possible
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For example, questioning moms about household chore services like TaskRabbit and Airtasker, nearly 2 out of 5 in each of the top 10 DMAs said they were not acquainted with these types of "sharing economy" apps.
Chore Services To provide periodic maintenance for a household such as heavy cleaning, washing windows, sidewalk maintenance and yard work.
Chore Services help prevent premature institutionalization, Silbernagel said, and are available for low-income seniors as well as younger, disabled adults.
More than 50 staff members provide Medicare-certified home health services including nursing care, therapy, social work, nutritional support and chore services to over 150 people each month.
Programs include chore services, personal assistance, meals on wheels, home visitors, caregiver support, transportation, adult day programs, assisted living, and accessible housing.
10 percent said they would arrange for other types of paid personal care (such as meal services, chore services, and companion services)
Home services include any combination of home health care, medical equipment, respite care, homemaker services, chore services (more heavy-duty than homemaker), home-delivered meals, nutrition management, home maintenance or repairs or weatherization, companion services, counseling and rehabilitation, telephone reassurance and emergency response systems.
DARTS - $20,000 - to support their Community Services for Older Adults and Caregivers program, which includes assessment and service coordination, caregiver support, homemaking services, chore services
The contract will provide for the delivery of In-Home Respite care, Homemaking, Personal Care, Companionship, and Chore services in the homes of the elderly and/or disabled citizens of Monroe County who have been assessed and referred by the Monroe County Social Services Department.
The money will be used to pay for minor home repairs and chore services, meals, case management, individual and group counseling, and temporary housing.
Low cost, unintrusive options such as chore services, home care, adult day care and assisted living would have thrived immediately.
PASSPORT also pays for homemaking, chore services, respite programs, transportation and other services designed to help individuals remain in their homes.