Chop Wound

A wound caused by a heavy weapon or instrument with at least one sharp cutting edge—e.g., axe, machete, panga; often the wound has abraded margins—which may be scraped off—and may be thus confused with a laceration; chop wounds over bone may have a groove or cut in the underlying bone—e.g., skull
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The victim suffered 50 stab and chop wounds before his killers tried to set fire to his body and then dumped it in a ditch in Tyrrelstown in Tallaght, South Dublin,
Tobago police report that the bodies of Birgid, 71 and Hubertus, 74, bore marks of violence and had chop wounds to their backs.
Three types exist: stab wounds, bite wounds and chop wounds.
The body had four chop wounds to the back of the head, according to a report from the Constabulary Communications Network.