Chocolate Craving

A ‘condition’ which may be more intense in women, and which is associated with increased progesterone
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DARK CHOCOLATE AND HAZELNUT BROWNIES This is the perfect treat when you have a chocolate craving.
Sating your chocolate craving means giving yourself a dose of potent phytochemicals called flavonoids that support T-helper immune ceils, which increase your natural defenses against infections, suggests a 2009 study in the British Journal of Nutrition.
More than a 100 master chocolatiers gather for the ChocolArt Festival at Tubingen to satisfy the chocolate craving of thousands of fans.
A Double Decker makes the perfect sweet snack, so satisfy your chocolate craving with a free bar today
DON'T PHONE: A chocolate craving is not an emergency
In fact, indulging your chocolate craving from time to time can help prevent the binging that is a dieter's worst enemy.
WOMEN have always known that chocolate is one of the best foods on earth, and can now indulge their passions sans guilt, since findings confirm that their chocolate craving may be good for their health after all.
Do you want to have a hot drink and feed your chocolate craving at the same time?
But now it's possible to indulge your chocolate craving without the calories.
Chocolate craving is often a sign that you're taking too much calcium.
The risk is you'll still be faced with temptation when guests show up -as well as any other time a chocolate craving hits you.
All our testers agreed it was too weak and watery to quench their chocolate craving and when they got to the very bottom of the cup they were just left wanting some more.