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chloramine, chloramine T

a chlorine disinfectant, used for wound treatment, in drinking water.

chloramine B
sodium benzenesulfochloramine.
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The literature and the chloramine phenomenon described in this paper both indicate that swimmers and attendants are being exposed to chloramines and other chlorination byproducts in pools that have poor ventilation.
Chloramines alter water chemistry and often must be accompanied by other changes to water treatment (U.
When chlorine reacts with organic compounds and nitrogen compounds present in the water, it forms objectionable by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and chloramines.
In addition, when children play or learn to swim, they also inhale and swallow more aerosols and water droplets containing hypochlorous acid and soluble chloramines.
Water imported from Northern California and distributed to local water suppliers will be cleaned with chloramines - a combination of chlorine and ammonia - instead of the traditional chlorine purifier.
However, like chlorine, chloramines are toxic for pet fish - both freshwater and saltwater varieties, as well as those in koi ponds - because the water passes through their gills directly into the bloodstream.
Chloramines have been well documented in poor research and have long been identified as the primary cause of eye and skin irritation.
When irritating chloramines are formed by the mixture of chlorine and pool contaminants, such as urine, body oils and other substances brought into the pool by swimmers, a strong smell is released.
KEY WORDS: chloramines, cyanuric acid, disease outbreaks, indoor air pollution, swimming pools, trihalomethanes.
Chloramines have also been associated with red blood cell damage.
This slim volume is part one of a research project examining the effects of changing disinfectants (from free chlorine to chloramines and vice versa) on levels and rates of leaching from lead, brass, and copper components in the water distribution system.
We coined the phrase "Wayne Water Systems" to represent the collection of water systems in Wayne County, North Carolina, that do not use chloramines.