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chloramine, chloramine T

a chlorine disinfectant, used for wound treatment, in drinking water.

chloramine B
sodium benzenesulfochloramine.
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Because my primary goal in presenting any technical information is to be as truthful and helpful to the industry as possible, I would like to offer a more correct statement regarding MPS and organic chloramines.
Beside the deleterious effects in patients, both chlorine and chloramines are not removed by RO and actually damage the thin film-type RO membranes.
Chloramine and dissolved oxygen were absent throughout the sampling.
Water chemistry tests indicated the presence of combined chlorine, including chloramines.
When chloramines concentrate above the water surface, it can be challenging to maintain proper water chemistry.
Chloramines, a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, have been used in the system for more than 25 years and are an effective method of water disinfection meeting all USEPA and NJDEP drinking water standards, added the company.
The difference is that chlorine forms many byproducts, including trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAA), where as chloramines forms a significantly lower amount of THMs and HAAs but also forms N-nitrosodimethyl amine (NDMA) (9).
Chlorine and chloramines are monitored closely in the dialysis setting.
5 million people, uses public water supplies disinfected by chloramines, most notably the 30 communities served by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
EPA (5) Table 2: Hypochlorous Acid -Ammonia Reactions Producing Chloramines; Chloramine Species as a Function of pH NH3 + HOCl [right arrow] H20 + NH2Cl (Monochloramine) NH2Cl + HOCl [right arrow] H20 + NHCI2 (Dichloramine) NHCl2 + HOCl [right arrow] H20 + NCI3 (Trichloramine) pH % [NH.
When the gel and fluid are mixed in the syringe, the amino acids bind with chlorine and form chloramines at high pH.