wu xing

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wu xing (wōō zhēng),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the fives phases—earth, wood, metal, fire, and water.
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Italy's ED Group, an internationally well-known automotive design company, sent an official letter requesting to take part in Cowin Auto's crowdsourcing project and uploaded several design drafts incorporating both Cowin's and Chinese elements onto the Chinese car brand's crowdsourcing platform.
She visited Beijing this year to attend the legal professionals' exchange project and returned home influenced by the Chinese elements of China's legal system.
Chinese elements have livened up the white continent with exotic colors.
Featuring modern minimalist decor with touches of rustic dark wood and traditional Chinese elements, Man Ho takes an innovative approach to traditional Cantonese cuisine using seasonal organic ingredients.
Paramount has been cultivating the Chinese market and with the strong Chinese elements in the "Transformers: Age of Extinction" it is not clear what impact will the Pangu's withdrawal would have on the movie's marketing.
The authors describe the wheeling and dealing between Chinese officials and Hollywood representatives eager to break into the Chinese market, and they point to new Hollywood movies with more positive Chinese elements produced in the new century, among them Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Forbidden Kingdom; and 2012.
Associated with the Chinese elements of heat, fire and red, if you're keen to introduce some rich, berry tones to the home then the Year of the Horse is a perfect excuse to start rootin g around for some Oriental treasures.
Yet these figures are also grounded in a further level of symbolism: Each personality corresponds to one of the five Chinese elements, signified by the characters' shirt colors: wood (green), fire (red), metal (white), water (black), and earth (yellow).
Guests can be seated in the Oriental Inner Courtyard, designed using Chinese elements of harmony and balance, and enjoy food and beverages from the bar and kitchen, while the Principal House, where the scenes of nature and warm interiors are reminiscent of dining halls built for Chinese nobility, provides the perfect setting for a sharing of the chef's signature dishes.
As the developers, we feel pretty privileged to see our planes undertake such an honourable mission and believe that the Pakistan Air Force chose the JF-17 to welcome our premier partly because it has a lot of Chinese elements," said Yang Wei, the chief designer of the aircraft at the Aviation Industry Corp of China.
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