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Radiologic use of a contrast medium to opacify a sinus tract.
[sinus + G. graphō, to write]
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Fujitsu has decades of experience in character recognition, with commercialized technologies used in such areas as Japan's finance and insurance fields for Japanese language, as well as a Chinese character recognition technology used by the Chinese government for 800 million handwritten census forms.
A search bar quickly translates and defines each individual Chinese character in a sentence or paragraph (in Pinyin and English).
In any Chinese linguistic work, a given Chinese character is never just a simple word for a dialect but a general word, an etymological unit for all the dialect points and historical document points.
This performance enhancement to the P5000 H-Series represents a significant increase in the speed of our Chinese character printing," said Theodore A.
Each Chinese character is a picture that represents a certain object.
An initial consonant key section positioned at an upper portion of the keyboard and configured to enter an initial consonant of a desired Chinese character.
Beijing, Dec 18 (ANI): Zhang, the Chinese character that is used to describe a rapid price rise, has been voted by netizens as "Character of the Year," suggesting that people are becoming dissatisfied with inflation and soaring house prices.
Each description of a Chinese character is written in both English and Chinese, to further enhance learning.
An additional spiral--bound book is available offering written transcriptions of the lessons and dialogues on the DVDs, along with simplified Chinese character depictions of the words, though the emphasis is on learning spoken Chinese.
In the other test, children tried to discern whether each of a series of written characters was a real Chinese character or a fake one with no designated meaning or pronunciation.
To write Japanese electronically, you type in the sound of a Chinese character using one of the phonetic alphabets.
For example, to provide Chinese mobile phone users access to bold and non-bold Latin-based characters, developers now need to duplicate both the Latin and Chinese character sets, the latter of which contains thousands of characters.

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