ear candling

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ear candling

An alternative medicine practice which consists of lighting a hollow candle and sticking it in a person’s ear, the alleged benefit of which is improved general well-being.

There is no evidence in peer-reviewed medical literature that this provides any known health benefit.

ear candling

, ear coning
An alternative medicine practice in which a cone of waxed paper is placed in the patient's external auditory canal and then set on fire. It is promoted as a treatment for cerumen impaction and for removal of unspecified toxins from the body. The practice is dangerous; it occasionally results in burns or perforation of the eardrum. In Canada and the U.S., it is considered an unregulated medical practice—unproven, untested, and illegal to use.

Ear candling

An alternative method for removing impacted cerumen with a lighted hollow cone of paraffin or beeswax. It does not work, and is not considered an acceptable treatment for any ear problem or disorder.
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