Chinese Reflex Balls

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Two balls which are available in 4 sizes and are manipulated for their health-enhancing effects. In addition to limbering the fingers, they are believed—by stimulating the acupressure points on the hands—to enhance neural activity, improve memory and circulation, relax muscles and joints, tone internal organs, and balance flow of chi; they are specifically intended to prevent arthritis and hypertension. Chinese reflex balls may be made of various materials, including brass, enamel, and marble, and may be magnetised
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But I should have stopped at a winner last time, as I also pronounced in favour of the erection of a statue of Charles II to adorn the notorious Chinese Balls roundabout at the eastern entrance to the town.
SINNER: Chinese Balls, Marks & Spencer, 45 cals per ball/16g.
THE biggest certainty at Newmarket today is that there will be a horrendous snarl-up on Forest Heath District Council's wondrous new roundabout, with its imported Chinese Balls, adjacent to the clock tower.
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