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The Chinese tobacco market is poised to witness phenomenal growth owing to rise in smokers population coupled with changing lifestyle and affordability.
Over the long term," notes the 1992-1994 plan, "local production appears to be the only means through which we can gain broad access to the total Chinese market, as any growth in the domestic import segment will be severely limited by the tight foreign exchange controls and import quotas imposed by the CNTC to protect the Chinese tobacco industry" <pm2504007940/7964>.
Research Report on Chinese Tobacco Industry, 2010-2011
We consider the Chinese tobacco market to be the largest in the world.
New Delhi, May 29 (ANI): Chinese tobacco industries have now shifted their focus to women as their targets for selling cigarettes, creating a surge in the number of women smokers in the country.
Irritated by the study, Chinese tobacco producers have claimed to Chinese language local media that the research was a trick played by their foreign rivals who intend to make their way into China.
Shiner will begin full production on its new tobacco film line in the fourth quarter of 2011, and has chosen Treofan as a technology partner to strengthen its position in the Chinese tobacco film market.
She persuaded the Chinese Government to be more active in tobacco control through advocacy and debate with the Chinese Tobacco Monopolization Company
It is widely known that Chinese tobacco companies contribute additional funds to facilitate the involvement of police in anti-counterfeiting work.
Aruvians Rsearch's analysis of the Chinese tobacco industry is a comprehensive analysis of the industry.
Forged cigarettes don't kill people," said a Chinese tobacco merchant in Beijing.
He also said it's understandable that the government chose the tobacco industry to be the source of more revenue because it is one of the very few industries suffering little from the current economic crisis: exports and investment, desperately exposed to the recession in China, are not the bread-and-butter of the Chinese tobacco industry.
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