Chinese Jujube

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A perennial shrub, the fruits of which are used for coughs, fatigue, hypertension, insomnia, to increase internal secretions, for malnutrition, to retard ageing, and as a tonic
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Replacing maize with alternative feed sources (AFS) such as Chinese jujubes, brewer's grains or tofu residues may prove economically advantageous.
Partial replacement of maize with AFS such as brewer's grains, tofu residues or Chinese jujubes in cattle feeds was reported to increase economic benefits, despite impaired growth (Wang et al.
Maize, brewer's grains, tofu residue, and maize stover silage were obtained from Beijing, while Chinese jujubes, soybean hulls and molasses were purchased from Hebei Province.
In contrast, Chinese jujubes had lower CP and ME, but higher NDF, ADF and sugar content.

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