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abbreviation for complement control protein.


Abbreviation for:
change control procedure (Medspeak-UK)
chronic calcifying pancreatitis
chronic central pain
chronic cor pulmonale
clathrin-coated pit
columnar cell papilloma
Centre for Clinical Practice, see there (Medspeak-UK)
Community Care Plan, see there (Medspeak-UK)
comprehensive care plan
Cooperation and Competition Panel (Medspeak-UK)
co-ordinated care plan
critical control point

CCP, See common compensatory pattern.


n common compensatory pattern; a common, preferential pattern for rotating the body “left-right-left-right.”
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The delegation led by Zhang Gaoli, a member of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee's Political Bureau and party chief of Tianjin municipality, met Tuesday with Nepali President Ram Baran Yadav in Kathmandu, the report said.
That gathering, timed to coincide with the 16th Chinese Communist Party Congress, attracted representatives from the world's leading media conglomerates, including AOL-Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, and General Electric/NBC.
Their ties were severed in 1967 during China's Cultural Revolution when the Chinese Communist Party attacked the JCP as one of its "four enemies," which included the United States and the Soviet Union, after the JCP rejected Beijing's demand to accept Mao Zedong's ideology as absolute.
He said their visit to Sudan comes in response to an invitation extended by the Sudan Training Academy to Bo Dong Academy for Training the Leadership Cadres of the Chinese Communist Party with the aim of strengthening cooperation and training relations between the ruling parties in the two countries .
According to a Chinese source, the aim of the delegation's visit is not only to hold talks with its Chinese Communist Party counterpart but also to meet with China's Construction Ministry officials over cooperation in the field.
The Head of the External Relations Sector in the National Congress party, Amira Al Fadhil, has pointed out to the strength of the bonds linking the Sudanese national Congress party and the Chinese Communist party, reflecting the depth of relations between the two countries and the peoples of the two nations.
Ibrahim Ghandour has received a written messege from the Chinese Presiden the Secrtary General of the Chinese communist party, Xi Jinping, to the President of the Republic, Omer Bashir.
A senior Chinese Communist Party official arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday for what China called a visit for boosting ties between the two countries, as a stall continued in the six-party process for denuclearizing North Korea.
Ibrahim Ghandour on Thursday received a written message directed to President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, Chairman of the National Congress Party from Chinese President Xi Jing Ping, the Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.
Nafie Ali Nafie has discussed with Chinese Communist Party delegation the developing relations between the two countries and means for enhancing mechanisms of bilateral cooperation between the two parties.
A senior official of the Chinese Communist Party visiting Pyongyang said Friday he did not discuss North Korea's nuclear programs during a meeting with his North Korean counterpart earlier in the week.
At the meeting, Hu, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, said that adhering to the ''1992 consensus'' is the vital foundation for peace and development across the Taiwan Strait, according to China's official Xinhua News Agency.

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