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Fruit of Punica granatum (family Punicaceae), a reddish yellow fruit the size of a large orange, containing many seeds enclosed in a reddish acidic pulp; used in diarrhea for its astringent properties; the bark of the tree and of the root contains pelletierine and other alkaloids and has been used as a teniacide.
Synonym(s): granatum
[L. pomum, apple, + granatus, many seeded, fr. granum, grain or seed]


An essence which, in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy, is said to enhance feminine warmth, creativity and a sense of nurturing.


n Latin name:
Punica granatum; parts used: bark, fruit, peel, roots, stem; uses: antibacterial, anthelmintic, abortifacient, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, sore throat, antimicrobial, diabetes; precautions: abortifacient, pregnancy, lactation, children, liver disease, asthma, carcinogenic, overdose can be fatal. Also called
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one Chinese apple my love with as many seeds take small crimson bites (p.
1 Urea Consumption per Unit Area for Chinese Apple 32
Larger quantities of cheaply grown Chinese apples on Far and Middle Eastern markets could have repercussions for current suppliers from France and the United States which would be forced to concentrate on Western Europe where there is already overproduction.
The US believes that the real reason for the close was to pressurize the US to allow Chinese apples into the country.
We strongly support a strong science-based system to ensure that pest and disease issues are treated appropriately,'' Kurrle said, rather than a political solution that simply opens the door to Chinese apples.
Here in the state of Washington, apple growers are anticipating the onslaught of Chinese apples.
Selections range from 25 different types and sizes of apples to exotic "global" fruits such as Chinese apples and star fruit.
5 million worth of smuggled Chinese apples and other agricultural products it confiscated earlier at the Port of Manila.
Dick Lowes, MD of Empire World Trade, which supplies several multiples with Chinese apples, said: "This year our sales could be up by 30% over last year.

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