China White

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A synthetic or ‘designer’ drug of abuse first developed as a short acting anesthetic; CW is an opioid 1,000 times more potent than morphine, and an analogue of MPPP, a neurotoxin that destroys dopaminergic neurons, resulting in severe, irreversible, progressive parkinsonism
Desired effects Rapid pain relief, euphoria
Adverse effects Parkinsonism, slowed speech, impaired gait, muscle spasms, respiratory depression; spasms of intercostal muscles may cause death
Withdrawal symptoms Similar to heroin
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Table 4: China White Milk Consumption, 2012-2017 (Volume M Litres)
Last year, police in Great Yarmouth tried to track down a batch of China White after six people died in seven days.
Joining eternally-respected China White and 10 Rooms at the Cafe Royal, Elysium is the new temple to worship cool.
25 million Chelsea star at trendy London nightclub China White, said: "I don't think he had many girlfriends because he was so polite and kept asking permission before he did things.
Interior flat latex and semi-gloss will be marketed in six off-whites including China White, Antique White, Shell White, Navajo White, High-Hide White and Designer's White.
The 36-year-old party girl was pictured looking flustered in a sexy lace negligee as she left London nightclub China White at 3am yesterday.
Exclusive club CHINA WHITE hosts a marquee at the CARTIER INTERNATIONAL POLO at Windsor Great Park.
Unfortunately it didn't, so I made a lady-like dash for the China White tent and settled for a large G&T.
The 24-year-old glamour model wore a tiny tartan skirt and tasteless see-through black top that clearly showed her surgically enhanced 34FF chest at London's trendy China White club.
The pair were spotted after partying into the early hours at the exclusive China White club.

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